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We prefer java as our prime technology for application developement as this technology is robust, scalable and open source

  • Open Source
  • Platform as a service
  • Rigorous interface with a fancier application with the help of APIs
  • Custom Software Develpment which meets your needs


Oracle serves as an backbone of an applicaiton, as oracle is an database which holds large data, thats makes oracle as most prefreable database

  • Faster and handles large data
  • Highly sclable
  • Avaliablity on various plateforms such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux.
  • Relational and Object Oriented database for various solutions


The world is moving fast towards web technology. We work on E-Commers website, static web site for indivisual or an organization to grow your bussiness or help you to provide solution over web.

  • We prefer Open Source technology for the web site developement
  • Open Source technology is free license so lost cost
  • Tools use for the website developement or web technology are open source.
  • Open source technology are good documented with various API supports